Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday recap - and it's a long one!


Even with all the busy birthday excitement, Alexander was able to get a nap in for a few hours. We finally had to wake him up. It's not every day you get to cuddle in and wake up with your papa, ya know.

Soon, the guests began to arrive.
We were sad that several friends couldn't celebrate with us due to illnesses. But we understood and hope everyone is feeling better.

Auntie Kim and Lorelli

Fidelia and Jo-Jo

Jeffy and Alexander

Ho-Ho Papa and his girls

A preggo Fidelia and the Grandma-to-be. She doesn't look like she's due in April, right? Simply beautiful.We have passed on a few baby items to Fidelia and Casey. And I love the idea that a little bit of Alexander will be with them as they enjoy life with the new baby.

And Jodie teaches her mom some cool phone apps. Pretty serious business, as you can tell.

Before too long the party was underway. Cousin Lorelli, Addie, Cole and the birthday boy played together like gems. Truly wonderful.

Gift giving was next on the agenda. All the little fingers were involved at one point or another to help.

Alexander led us in a wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday.

And then the kids just played and played and played...

Cole couldn't wait to try the new tool belt.
He even fogged up the goggles for us!

So Alexander tried out the new wheelbarrow.

Soon, there were monkeys in the house.

And finally a viewing of Polar Express rounded out our evening.

It's hard to believe that our little man is three.

It's been the best three years. Ever.
We love you little man. To the moon. And back.

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