Saturday, January 9, 2010

Can You Ever Have Too Many Trains?

Alexander turns three next week and the party supplies arrived in the mail today. Party supplies make Mommy giddy with excitement. Giddy, I tell you.

This year's theme: trains.

Alexander chose the theme and his choice came as no surprise. This almost-three year old is obsessed with trains. We have three different types of train sets in this house. Ok, there are four sets, if you count the train floor puzzle (but who's counting). One has to be pretty careful walking around or you're bound to step on a train. Of some sort.

Set #1: A hobby shop type of train track that was given to us. You know, one of those with the electric track and giant piece of plywood that takes up two-thirds of the playroom. Eric and Alexander are slowly working on this cleaning up and putting this project together.

Sets #2 and #3: A Geo Trax set (left side of photo) and an IKEA train set (right side of photo). You know, the types of sets that Alexander and Eric can rearrange that takes up two-thirds of the living room.

Set #4: Melissa and Doug Alphabet Floor Puzzle. Requires help from Mommy and Alexander usually loses attention around letter E or F. Also, requires signing the alphabet song over and over again.

I suppose one can never have enough trains. Or party supplies, for that matter.

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