Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where is Warehouse Mouse?

If you know the answer, you've probably watched Disney's Imagination Movers. Last night, Mommy took Alexander to see the Movers. LIVE.

Daddy took a few pictures of us before we left. These are the best in the bunch.

We joined Mika and Evan and settled into our nosebleed section balcony seats. We soon found ourselves surrounded by parents, grandparents, and little people, ages newborn to four or five. Clearly, we weren't the only one willing to search for warehouse mouse.

It was amazing to watch an always moving toddler sit still to "watch my tv show". He sat on his seat. He sat on my lap. He sat. Eventually, it became too much and Alexander finally sat on my lap with his ears covered for the remainder of the show.

"Too oud, Mama. Too oud".

At first, Evan wasn't too sure he was ready for the large, loud crowd so he cuddled with his mommy, with just his eyes peaking out. By the end of the show, two toddlers were enthralled with the show (and Mika sure looks excited too, eh?).

I think he and his little pal Evan enjoyed the show!
And the mommies enjoyed being with our little men!
Thanks for the fun afternoon, Mika and Evan!