Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Boy Room

When it was time to decorate Alexander's nursery, we kept things very low key. We knew we were going to decorate into a big boy theme once we had the addition completed so we didn't want to spend a lot of money on a room 1) Alexander would never notice as a baby, 2) we knew we were tearing out and 3) we logically chose to spend money that could have been spent on nursery items on clothing and diapers instead.

Since the addition is currently on hold and Mommy is impatient, we have slowly been transitioning from this Mickey Mouse nursery theme...

to this Disney Cars big boy room!
There are a lot of great decorating items for this theme, but I was able to cut a few corners and save money while still decorating in style. Plus, I didn't pay full price for ANYTHING!

Ebay for the checkered border, lightswitch, and bedding.

Disney night light lamp was on sale at Fred Meyers, as was the Cars fleece throw.

The decals on the wall (which look super small in these pictures but I assure you, the real life effect is much better) and the curtain came from Amazon.

Posters are from an online company and will be framed with inexpensive frames from Michaels.

There is only one more thing we are waiting for - A tire toy box from Little Tikes!

I am still debating a bookshelf and I haven't given up the glider yet because I still like rocking my boy when we read every night.

BUT we have the makings of a big boy room and Alexander loves it!

And this great Mickey Mouse canvas painting that WAS hanging in Alexander's room?

Take a guess where it hangs now!
(guess you'll have to come by and find out!)


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Cute room!

Anonymous said...

so Jack's room is completely CARS too! I just found (at Big Lots for only $20 a CARS workbench, complete with tools!) I didn't find the great border so I painted a "highway" in the middle and put those same car decals on the highway driving around the room. Target is also a great place to find extra CARS stuff. And we have one of those bin/shelves that have a different character on each bin. We went a little overboard but so hard to stop once you get started!
love ya
ps our winnie-the-pooh print that doesn't really work for Keegs anymore is in MY scrapbook room:~)