Monday, December 28, 2009

Daddy's Hero.

(a post by daddy) So, if you know me, you know I like comicbook heroes. Today I met a real hero.

I come back from the bathroom and start playing with trains with Alex. (Yes. That part was important - and yes - I DID wash my hands).

Suddenly I hear water running...

I go into the bathroom and sure enough. The toilet is a waterfall. I reach down to turn off the valve under the toilet and realize something horrid... It's stuck against the water line. A stream of profanities is probably escaping daddy's mouth at this point. So I pull the top of the tank off and pull up on the float and it stops the torrent of water. I reach down to turn off the feed line again, and it definitely won't move.

My sweatpants are starting to get cold and very wet from the water on the floor. Suddenly Alex pops his head into the room. He walks in a ways, and slides on the wet floor getting his sweats soaked as well. "I slipped dada!" he said with a bit of confusion.

I look to my son and think... "He's nearly three, and not totally stupid... He might have his mother's grace and ability to state the obvious... who am I kidding... I'm stuck at this toilet or I need to go outside and turn off all the water or race upstairs and get the plunger.."

I throw caution to the wind, "Alex, can you go upstairs and get the toilet plunger. It's red and black and next to the toilet upstiars."

He stands up, takes 3 steps into the hallway and his wet feet slip out from under him again. "I slipped!" he giggles. I have visions of the toilet brush, mommy's comb or 15,000 other things appearing when he gets back from playing under the bedspread and watching a little tv.

But amazingly, he appears nearly a minute later holding the disgusting end of the plunger in his hands (I washed his hands after this.)

He takes three steps into the bathroom to hand it to me and slips in the water and gets even wetter.

Three plunges later the toilet drains and we use all the towels to wipe up all the water. Then we change our clothes and go back to the important stuff... playing with trains.


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Yay Alexander! Good teamwork boys!

Auntie Kim said...

My nephew is a GENIUS!!!

Anonymous said...

you are the bomb! at the very least he learned that the "push-downie" thing makes daddy stop swearing! It's like magic!
-the other chell