Sunday, February 3, 2013

Birthday Party Extravaganza!

I know I'm WAAAY late in posting these pictures.  But I hate to post out of chronological order and I just haven't had much spare time. 

Alexander wanted a LEGO themed party this year.  Originially, we had talked about a party at a little gym or the pool but Alexander told us, "let's have it at home and invite the regular crew."  So, that's what we did!  I freaked out at first on how to decorate but Eric and I looked online for ideas put our creative minds to work, did a little shopping, and it didn't turn out half bad!

Following tradition, Jo-Jo and Eric worked their frosting magic.
Before long, guests started to arrive and played, played, played!
The great thing about kids this age is they don't need a lot of organized play.  Toys in someone else's house are super fun and new so why bother making up games when they would rather play? 
We were going to play "Pin the Lego head on the Minifigure" but I couldn't convince any of my students to help me this year ran out of time and didn't make the minifigure.
Instead, I had the kids partnered up, received a bucket of Legos, and went to work to create a birthday cake!

It was no surprise that Alexander chose Addie to be his partner!
Next up: PRESENTS!
Our little man was very spoiled and has Lego sets to play with for MONTHS!
The party kept rolling and singing Happy Birthday was next on the agenda.
After which, the birthday boy promptly burst into tears because Ho-Ho Papa's voice was missing.
Yea, I took a picture of it.
Once the official party ended, it became a wine and beer party for the adults, the kids continued to play, play, play and we considered ourselves lucky to have such wonderful friends and family celebrate our little man with us.

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