Monday, January 21, 2013

Alexander turns 6!

On January 18, our little man turned 6!

Everyone knows it isn't really your birthday until you kick it off by opening presents at midnight. 
You'd think the parents could go to his room, but as it turns out, the mama is usually half asleep and the daddy brings the birthday boy to the presents (and the mama).
"Of course I got Legos.  I picked them out!"
"Can I open it now?"
This year, Alexander was really excited to spend the day at school for his birthday.  It might have had something to do with the fact that his name would be mentioned over the intercom when they announced the birthdays for the day. 
According to our birthday boy, "I was the only one who had a birthday TODAY and that makes me SO lucky!"
To add to the fun, Daddy spent the afternoon at the school, sharing Oreo cookies and juice with the kids.  There aren't any of pictures because Daddy said the celebration was all of 5 minutes long and then the teacher made them clean up and do math.
For dinner, Alexander insisted we visit our favorite restaurant, "because they will love to share my birthday with me."
Minutes before we left, our birthday boy received a not-so-expected birthday gift from the wooden steps in our house.  Lately, he seems to be growing into his lanky legs and can't keep those feet from tripping.
He tripped running up the stairs and ended up with a big ol' black eye! 
After a little cuddling and icing, we headed off to enjoy mexican food.
i.e. chicken nuggets and french fries.
The birthday boy may have recieved a lot of kisses from a mama who can't believe he is already 6.
And, then......
it happened.
As if that wasn't enough birthday excitement, the birthday joy just kept on coming.
Jo-Jo showed up!
Of his six years in life, Jo-Jo has only missed one birthday and frankly, that year was just a little bit lame.  
It isn't a party without Jo-Jo.
We love her so much.
We couldn't be more proud of our little man.
We waited a long time to be blessed with a baby and he is the perfect one for us.
He can be sweet, loving, considerate, sensitive, stubborn, seems to have a bit of comedic timing, is full of energy, competitive as heck, is always asking why, loves legos and trains,
and is pretty darn cute.
Happy Happy Birthday, our sweet little man!
We love you so much!

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