Sunday, February 3, 2013

Learning all about basketball

Everything Alexander tackles, he tackles 110% with enthusiasm.  His enthusiasm is contagious.  This is one of his more endearing traits and one we hope is never squashed.

Alexander is playing basketball this winter.  He is playing in the 5/6 league with his best friend Addie..  If I were to break down his skills I would tell you he is pretty solid at dribbling, sticks like glue to his guy while playing defense, and loves to pass to his teammates.  When it comes to shooting, Alexander is hesitant because the concept still hasn't clicked in his mind.  Since he can't make a basket, he doesn't bother trying during a game.

I decided a trip to the high school to watch the big boys play was in order.  We went on a Saturday night when there would be a smaller crowd and we could focus on the game.

This was his face for most of the night.
Unless we scored, in which case, I saw a lot of this.
"We crushed 'em, Mom!"
When the game ended, I asked him if he wanted to meet any of the big boys.
He looked at me as though I was crazy and said, "I gotta get home and start practicing!  Let's go!"

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