Sunday, April 1, 2012

Big Papa and Umma are home!

Alexander woke me at 7am today.

"Mama, it's time to pack my bag for my sleepover with Big Papa and Umma!"

I blearly open one eye and see the cutest face, two inches away, grinning at me

"What about you go downstairs and get started without me?"

"Mama. I know what that means. If you aren't up after 1 episode of Ice Road Truckers, I'm coming back."

It took two espisodes but he made it to the sleepover, Eric and I finally watched two Academy Award nominated movies, and hours of Glee episodes lie ahead of me.

Is it any surprise that he isn't the only one excited to have Big Papa and Umma home?


Anonymous said...

We sure did miss the little guy. He is such a joy.

Umma & Big Papa

Anonymous said...

The little guy certainly has missed his Umma and Big Papa