Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fun

After an awesome sleepover with Jo-Jo, Alexander awoke to find a bag from the Easter Bunny. Of course, he was so sleepy, he kept walking around it and Mommy might have had to point it out to him!
I'm embarrassed to admit that another Easter passed and we didn't color Easter eggs for a hunt. I swear, one of these years we'll get it done.

At least the Easter bunny makes up for it with super great presents.

Eventually, we end up at Grandma Great's house, ready for another massive egg hunt in the playroom.
For the first, and only, year, cousin Calvin takes the front of the line. Ho-Ho Papa agrees to step in as proxy.

Uncle RJ and Mommy do not like having to go last!

Before long, eggs were gathered

plates were found,

and presents were opened!

For the first time in years, Easter was a warm, somewhat sunny day, so the kids ran outside to play with Alexander's bubble maker.

Despite a few meltdowns from a very over-tired five year old, we had a lovely Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

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