Sunday, March 18, 2012

Family Vacation!

To celebrate Mommy and Daddy's fifteen years of wedded bliss, we packed the car up and headed to the ocean!

One perk to having a March anniversary is the off-season discounts for most vacation spots.
We found a great two bedroom cabin in La Push (yes, home of the Team Jacob!).

Mommy kept herself occupied on the four hour drive by taking pictures.

Once we settled in, Mommy took even more pictures.

Can't really blame Mommy for taking so many pictures. This place didn't have cable or internet!

The next morning, we awoke to the sound of waves crashing and the rain pouring outside.

Despite the rain, we can't take a trip to the ocean and not hike the Hoh Rainforest.
We packed up the rain gear and headed out.

Alexander was not at all interested in hiking.

Nothing we did or said could convince him he was going to enjoy the hike.

So, we did what any good parents would do...we started walking.

Within minutes, Alexander was running ahead of us, pointing out sights and smells of the rainforest.

"How was the hike, Alexander?"

"It was AWESOME!!"

Once we dried out, Alexander and Mommy played together while Daddy took a nap.

Silly pictures.

GoRed Fish.


And then a movie on Mommy's laptop.

Our final morning was so much clearer that we knew we needed to get out to the beach before we left.

Father and son enjoy a moment together.

And then, Eric taught Alexander how to run from waves.




"Take a look at this piece of drfitwood, Mama!"

No trip is complete without a family picture.

And a really sleepy five year old.

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