Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week Wrap Up

Last week, Mommy and Alexander had the week off from school. We had a pretty low-key vacation, which is what all of us needed as none of us were feeling 100%.

Alexander finished his homework.

I love seeing his name in his little boy handwriting.

We played a few games.
First up: Operation Toy Story 3 style.

Daddy wins Operation every time.

Next Up: Go Fish!

But in our house, Go Fish is better played as "GOLDFISH"!

We finished up a puzzle or two.

Yeah, that's a 3D one that Daddy glued and hung on his wall.
No big deal.

The weekend wrapped up with a surprise visit from Jo-Jo, a basketball game, and a snowy Sunday.

Next year, Alexander and I will have different mid-winter breaks. It is never easy to be reminded that this season in our lives is slowly coming to an end.

Oh, how we love our time together at home!!

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