Monday, February 20, 2012

What's been going on

Alexander has been on ten days of antibiotics for an ear infection. His parents are a bit more stubborn, haven't been to the doctor's office, and thus, are suffering through sinus infections. BUT we're all coming through it so we can enjoy Mom's week off from work.

Here's what's been going on!

Alexander continues to play and enjoy basketball.

He did tell us the other day, "I'm ready for swimming now".

Guess we better look for the next session.

Which reminds me...

I need to call the local elementary school this week because it's time to register for Kindergarten.


When did my baby grow up enough for Kindergarten?
I don't think I'm ready for this.

*sniff, sniff*

In preparation for Kindergarten, Alexander has been given homework from preschool. He has a green folder that comes home every Monday and we send it back finished a week later. Personally, I love doing homework with him. Study table as a kid are some of my favorite memories with my brother and sister.

Anhow, these pictures are from my phone.
This was an assignment where the teacher used M&M's to help with math skills.


Especially when Mommy was told to eat the M&M's because our little scholar doesn't like them.



I'm speechless.

Apparently, so is Alexander - whenever he plays Angry Birds.
We FINALLY joined the world of Angry Birds.

Rule #1: You can play in the car.

Rule #2: You can play at home, as much as you like.

Rule #3: no Angry Birds when we have guests.

Rule #4: no Angry Birds when we are having family time.

Alexander's ultimate goal is "to be as good as David but Mommy, David is really good so I'm going to need a lot of practice."

Naturally, Mommy thinks this means we need an iPad...

I mean, David has one to keep him company, even in the hospital...

Hope you feel better soon, David!

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