Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Countdown to Christmas!

I've been spending a LOT of time with Mommy since she started winter break.

In Dad's defense, he is playing his computer game that Mommy bought him for his birthday and he did warn us that he was going to disappear for a few days. When we miss him, we simply run upstairs and give hugs and kisses.

In the morning, Mommy slowly wakes up by curling up the couch, drinking her coffee and reading a book. The one thing about me is that as soon as I jump out of bed, I'm ready to go! I spend my mornings working on my new puzzle and watching TV.

After a few hours of this lazy behavior, we get ourselves together to run a few errands. Although, I think on Sunday we didn't leave the house but that's ok; I LOVE pajama day! Our Christmas shopping should be completed tomorrow and then Mommy says she is going to use my nap time to wrap, wrap, wrap! I don't know why she needs me to be asleep while she wraps but I trust her to get it all done without me. Most evenings, we watch a movie or two or play more xbox Lego Star Wars. I'm pretty impressed with how much Mommy and I have improved!

Before too long, we'll be in the full rush of Christmas so, for now, Mommy and I are taking it easy as we countdown to Christmas!

Make sure you slow down to enjoy all your people, too!

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