Thursday, December 29, 2011

Alexander and the Puzzle Club

Once upon a time, Alexander met a Puzzle Expert. Her name is Dorothy. She is one of Umma's close friends and is a co-worker of mine.

She was so impressed with Alexander's puzzle skills that she invited him to her puzzle club. Turns out there is a local puzzle club that has been meeting once a month for years. Who knew?

Alexander and the club diligently worked on a train puzzle for over an hour and was a rockstar with great manners and terrific behavior.

Watching his face light up as he worked with others who love puzzles as much as he does was a true delight. They talked about all the different puzzles and shared a tip or two.

Thanks Issaquah Puzzle Club, for inviting us to join you!

And thank you for the 3000 piece puzzle you gave us.

We're looking forward to working on that big boy next summer!

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