Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Three Amigo Adventures continue

Once the great weekend sleepover ended (three days, two nights and NO naps), the entire family came over to celebrate Big Papa's birthday.

Alexander introduced David to his Geo-Trax train set. David instantly fell in love. Imagine Alexander's delight to have a fellow train conductor in the house! They were both super stars when it came to sharing and the two of them had the best of time. David even declared he was done with Legos and moving on to Geo-Trax. Good luck packing all that up in the next big move, Auntie Liz!

In the meantime, Mary was loving on our kitty. Guybrush was loving the attention.
I was loving the sound of all the kid voices in our house.

With a little help from helping hands, Papa opened his gifts.

The evening ended with promises that they could return to play Geo-trax and dig in the giant dirt pile outside.

On Monday, we filled two cars and headed to the Point Defiance Zoo. It was a gorgeous day (although cooler than what our east coast family members are used to) and just right for a visit from these three little monkeys.

I tried to take a family picture but Alexander insisted on being in it.
Amazing what the crop tool can do...

Alexander lead the way (as he does on most adventures) with map in hand so we wouldn't get lost.

The best part of this zoo is that it is just the right amount of walking distance for little kids. And the aquarium is awesome - with local fish and sharks from the Puget Sound. If you live in the PNW and you haven't been to this zoo, we highly recommend it.

Our favorite part is the fish/shark tank and we saved it until the end.
Mary, Alexander and I plopped ourselves down in front of the shark tank as we waited for the rest of the family to find us.

We had a grand adventure at the zoo!

Next up...a ferry boat ride!

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