Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A great day for a ferry boat ride

We haven't had very nice weather this summer. When we saw the forecast included a few sunny days, we decided to take Alexander on his first ferry boat ride. Imagine our excitement to find out Umma and Big Papa were planning the same trip for Mary and David! Needless to say, we immediately invited ourselves along.

After swim lessons, we packed two cars and headed to Edmonds. Once upon a time, Eric and I spent our afternoons in Edmonds (years ago, I lived up there) so it was fun to bring Alexander to one of our favorite spots.

The kids played on the beach while we waited for the ferry boat to arrive.

Once it arrived, Alexander lead the way.

All Aboard!

Naturally, I took advantage of the opportunity to take family photos.

The kids loved the ride over and the adults loved soaking up the Vitamin D.
The ferry took us to Kingston. And another beach!
Oh, how the kids loved playing in the sand.

It was the best family adventure!

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