Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bouncy House

Alexander was invited to a birthday party at a bouncy house on Saturday. For those of you who have no idea what a bouncy house is, it is the home of several inflatable toys, where kids...bounce. Having never been to one, I predicted Alexander would fall in love.

I was right.

My apologies for the terrible pictures. I forgot our camera and had to use my phone.

It started with a 20 foot high slide. The kids went up and down this thing at least a dozen times in a row.

I took 2 year old Kieran up it and man, that climb is a work-out! Between the toe holds being the size of toddler toes, the steep climb, or the fact that the 2 year old kept sliding back down the ladder, we had a heck of a time climbing it. But we made it...but I only made that climb one time. Alexander must have done it 20 times or more.

The little man spent quite a bit of time tackling the obstacle course.

He would reach the top and be in such a hurry to do it again, that he slid down head first.

Every time.

He spent quite a bit of time, trying to tackle the slide, climbing up the middle section.

Having a birthday party here, is not a bad gig. The kids play for about an hour, and then they herd the group into a side room for cake and presents.

At the end, as predicted, Alexander was worn out and started crying. He couldn't understand why we weren't opening the birthday presents to play with and why we were leaving the bouncy house. As we left, one probably overheard this conversation:

Alexander: "Mama, can I have a Bounce It Up birthday party?"

Mommy: "Of course. But I thought you wanted a pool party."
Alexander, sobs, "NOOOO! I love Bounce it Up."
Mommy: "Ok, ok. We can have a Bounce It Up party. And maybe we can have a play date this summer with Addie and Maya at Bounce It Up, too".
Alexander, with a deep sigh: "Oh, I hope so, Mommy. We should come back here twice a day this summer."
Mommy: "Sure, buddy. Twice a day."

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Anonymous said...

Alexander - Your face says it all! Love, Umma