Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Presents + Playdate + Pizza + Preschool + Pancakes = Perfect Birthday!

Our favorite birthday tradition is to wake the birthday girl/boy at midnight to open presents. Seems like the perfect way to start a birthday celebration, right?

Last night was no exception.

The birthday boy/girl does have the choice to opt out and wait until later in the day.

No one has ever opted out.

Even if it means laying down and opening presents one-handed.

After opening one or two, he was into it.
(yes, we see the binkie)

And then he was done.

Around 11-ish, Addie came over for a play date before preschool. While they were playing, we overheard them "talking on the phone" and Addie asked him for a date. Alexander told her he would pack his new suitcase and be right over. He packed. She waited until he arrived. They went to the basement. And that's where we decided the date needed adult supervision

We decided it was time to play trains. Upstairs.




Time to go to preschool!

Mommy had a chance to visit preschool for the very first time today. She was very impressed by the program and realized how many similarities there are between preschoolers and high schoolers. Like the teacher said, the preschoolers have the same skills, they just lack the advanced vocabulary.

There were arts and crafts.

Snack time.
Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Alexander!

And we read a book.

They did a bunch of others things, too, but I had 3 or 4 kids hanging on me at any given moment so taking pictures wasn't ideal.

After a late afternoon nap (needed by all!), Ho-Ho Papa and Umma joined us for a pancake breakfast dinner.

Only the birthday boy changed his mind and didn't want pancakes.
When the temper tantrum subsided, we sang Happy Birthday one more time. Alexander sang Happy Birthday to himself one more time. Cause that's what four year olds do, ya know.

And he made his wish, "I wish we could be friends forever and ever."

While we can't promise to always be your friend, we do promise that Mommy and Daddy will love you forever and ever.
To the Moon and Back.


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