Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Next Up: Alexander turns 4!

And what a weekend extravaganza it will be! Alexander's birthday is actually Tuesday. The best part of him being born close to a 3 day weekend is we can have a party on Sunday of the long weekend and people can stay as late as they wish because they don't work the next day. And I usually take his birthday off so I'm guaranteed a short-short work week!

Saturday will be filled with cleaning, running errands, prepping food, and visiting a soccer game. Jo-Jo is continuing the grand tradition of spending the night before the party with us. It's awesome fun!

Sunday's birthday party has been extended to include the Seahawk game at 10AM. So, food for the football game AND the birthday party will be needed. Although, I think we're doing pizza for the party, I have to find time to shop and prepare all this food. And decorate the house. Since there isn't any school on Monday and I took Tuesday off, Lorelli is going to stay with us after the birthday party for a sleepover. YAY for a sleepover with Li-Li!!

Monday...we have to find time to fit in family photos. And recovery naps.

Finally, the big day! Alexander turns 4 on Tuesday. As with all of our birthdays, Alexander's birthday celebration will begin at midnight when we wake him to open his presents. We'll do family photos if we haven't fit them in on Monday AND THEN Mommy is going to preschool for the afternoon. We'll have a family dinner and celebrate our little man's big day.

Going to be such a fun weekend!
So much to do. So SO much to do!

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