Monday, January 17, 2011

Birthday Party Recap

Oh, what a birthday party!

Per tradition, the party began with Jo-Jo's sleepover the night before the party. Now that he knows all about presents, Alexander opened his gift from Jo-Jo, minutes after she arrived.

Hooray for super cool Crayon Tower!

In the meantime, Eric cooked the cupcakes and I poured the cocktails. I gotta say, the planning this year was much smoother which allowed us to enjoy our evening with Jo-Jo.

Giant cupcake brought to you by Eric, Michelle and Jodie.

We finished the decorating later that evening so Alexander would wake up to this

One of my students made this poster for Alexander. She's quite the talented artist!

By 10AM, the Seahawks were on the TV, Mimosas and Bloody Marys were mixed, and the house was full of people.

Addie and Jeff looked so comfortable on the couch that others couldn't help but join them.

Alexander and Addie did their part to keep Marigold entertained.

By the third quarter, the Hawks were losing and a four year old couldn't wait another minute to open his presents.

This tall present was the most intriguing of all.
Any guesses?
A giant Crayon bank...

...filled with money for springtime garage sales!
Alexander decided this morning he wanted to spend his birthday money on two Thomas trains and save the rest for garage sales. So, we went online and bought Hiro and Annie and Clarabel. Thanks Grandma Great, Joanne and Lee for the birthday present!

Before too long, it was time to sing "Happy Birthday".
Jo-Jo lit the candles and we sang.

Addie and Maya claimed the cupcakes were "delicious!"

Once the sugar started flowing through bloodstreams, the kids played, played, and played some more.
Four little monkeys playing on a bed.

Thank you to all our loved ones for spending the day with us!

It was the bestest of birthday parties for this little guy, who crashed with the last guests departure.
And yes, we know we need to dump the binkie. We know.


Jodie said...

You are amazing! It was an awesome birthday party, once again...and next year I'll take the pictures so you can be in some.

Chelsi said...

Fun! I'm glad you took it easy this time, more enjoyable that way!

Minus the Hawks... gooooood lord did they ever suck!

Chelsi said...
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Anonymous said...

so much fun. Great job Michelle, Eric and Jodie! It was fantastic! Love, Umma and Poppa

Schoolcraft Stuff said...

YAY!! We love celebrating him any chance we get! You guys put on a good show. LOVE you.