Sunday, September 5, 2010

Toy Story 3

Last night, our family went to see Toy Story 3.

We have had endless conversations about taking Alexander to the movies for months - especially when Toy Story 3 opened up. We weren't sure he was at a point to sit still through the entire show. However, the other night he sat through The Hobbit (remember the cartoon movie?) and we decided it was time.

We made it to the 7:10PM showing.

The theater was pretty empty, which was great since Alexander doesn't quite have an inside voice when he is excited about movies.

We had to sit through a few trailers.
So, we took pictures to keep ourselves occupied.
Only one of us couldn't tear his eyes off the screen.

And then the show began.
What did you think of the movie, Alexander?

First movie in a theater?

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