Sunday, September 26, 2010

My People

This entry should be a post about the train ride we took yesterday but we left the camera in Big Papa's truck.
Instead, it will be storytime.

This morning, Alexander wanted me to draw a picture of our house on his doodle pad. Once I drew it, I was instructed to put "my people" inside of it.
He started naming people (in this order):

Addie Rue, Grandma Great, Jo-Jo, Big Papa, Umma "who I call Betsy", Ho-Ho Papa, Umma, Mommy, Daddy, Li-Li, Auntie Kim, RJ, Uncle Patrick, Auntie Lissa, Mary, David, Cole, Gypsy, Jeff, Evan, Mason, Mika, Karolyn, John, Cal, Rosie (and the boat), Mrs Kinney and Mrs. Stromberg.

I tried to take a picture of it with my phone but he erased it before I could get to it.
Good thing we're planning to remodel and add on to our house, eh?

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