Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This Time of Year

It's June. Normally in the month of June, I'd have amazing posts about Alexander antics at the park, in the yard, or even at the zoo. Unfortunately, all outdoor activities have been put on hold as we build the Alexander Ark. We're experiencing ridiculous levels of rain these days. And we're indoors. A lot. But the Ark is looking pretty sweet. If your lucky, we'll swing by and pick you up for a play date.

To tide (pun intended) our readers over, here are a few pictures of the little man who has finally discovered a love for cupcakes. There were a few left over from a baby shower I hosted and Eric likes to introduce new foods to Alexander. Despite past birthdays in which he hated cupcakes...

1st birthday
Taking a bite...

...and spitting it right out.

2nd birthday
Alexander was only willing blow out the candles

3rd birthday
There actually were no cupcakes for this birthday. Just a giant chocolate chip cookie cake.
I think he liked it.

Apparently, 3 and a half is the miraculous age where Alexander decided cupcakes, smothered in frosting, is a wonderful treat.

Now, if we could only convince him to eat hamburgers.


chell said...

when Keegs was 2, maybe 3 he wouldn't eat meat. Of any kind. THen one day Gram vicky made him chicken. He loved it! so.....the lying, deceiving parents that we are...every night we made "Gram's chicken". Sometimes Gram's chicken tasted like steak. Hmmm. Sometimes it tasted like pork. Sometime just like hamburger. Hmmmm. It worked. As long as we told him it was Gram's chicken he was ok with it. He would comment on how it tasted different, and looked different, but since we said it was GC he believed us. And since he like GC he must like this right? Sometimes you just gotta go around those stubborn ones. Now he loves everything! And I do mean everything.

mnmommy said...

Well swing on by in your ark. We have one of our own. When will the nice weather come? I guess boating is good...