Thursday, June 3, 2010

Could use a few positive thoughts

Tomorrow morning, Alexander has his allergist appointment.
For the past week, he has broken into hives for no apparent reason. They disappear with Benadryl but not knowing WHY they show up really bothers a mom who must have control.

As most of you know he has a peanut allergy but now I fear there is more for me to worry about when it comes to allergies.

I feel like I am in typical first time parent mode again.
Yes, I know it's just an allergy test and I am thankful we aren't testing for something worse. But I'm taking the day off anyhow.

AND I get to freak out. Just a little.

So if you could send a few positive thoughts to us tomorrow morning that Alexander won't freak out during the testing, that he won't puke from crying (he's a puker which immediately makes his father a puker) while they spend an hour pricking his skin over and over again, and that the test results come back with minimal allergies, we would really appreciate it!

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