Thursday, March 4, 2010

"You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child."

In honor of the great Dr. Seuss, many schools celebrate Read Across America during this week every year. Our local high school is no different. For an hour, high school students with funny hats upon their heads paint faces, read books, and share cookies and juice with younger elementary aged students.

This year, RAA took on a different meaning for our family. The librarian at our high school is Alexander's Umma. She has hosted RAA for the past eight years and this year is her last.
Umma is retiring in June!

Alexander and Ho-Ho Umma

Umma and I decided Alexander was old enough to attend (and who is going to turn away the librarian's grandbaby?!).

After finding the perfect Dr. Seuss shirt, we drove up to the school, put on our listening ears and lasted about a half hour with the big kids.

AC was the student to take first dibs to read to Alexander. "Miss Liberty" is also the ASB president and she and I have worked closely together in ASB the past three years. She is a wonderful young lady and Alexander LOVED her!

He politely said, "no tanks" each time someone asked if he wanted to get his face painted (Mommy also said no tanks), he ran the halls for a bit, and then we snuck in a quick visit to Ho-Ho Papa.

I was able to be there not as a teacher in the building but as Alexander's mom. It was awesome. Unfortunately, by the time I thought about us taking a picture together, he was DONE for the night.

One of our favorite Dr. Seuss story is Oh! The Places You Will Go!
What's yours?

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