Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pictures, as promised!

The boys find the leak!
(Actually, Cameron stepped on the pipe and it burst so he is in the ditch, shutting off the valve.)

Front yard with the new pipe.

The first of the cabinets are gone!
The plumbing is fixed and the drywalling has begun.

We'll post pictures when the kitchen is all done!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you to Jordon and Cameron who worked hours digging through Cedar roots, clay earth and rocks left by the glacier! Also to Andy and Nick who came the second day to continue the digging.
Eric who did all the plumbing not only in the kitchen but laying the new line with new valves. We have water and no leaks.
Michelle and Kim who told Grrma to let them handle it and a nursery that now looks fresh, spacious and new.
Then Michelle who convinced Grrma to "let go" of stuff and now the guest room looks fresh, spacious and new also!
...and Lorelli who cleaned out the toy boxes.
...and Alex who helped and who kept us laughing beyond his bedtime.