Sunday, August 9, 2009

It all started with a water leak.

Oy, have our days been busy! Earlier this week, Daddy and Ho-Ho Papa were talking about the water leak that Ho-Ho Papa discovered when a bill arrived that was way too high. Daddy started looking inside and outside the house. He thought it might be below the kitchen sink so he convinced Papa it was time for the kitchen remodel. Daddy redid all the plumbing in the kitchen but the leak was still there. Oh no, Ho-Ho Papa. So, Mommy asked hired students from her school to dig a giant ditch in Papa and Grrma's yard to find the pipe so Daddy could fix the leak. It took them two days but the leak was found and fixed! I really liked watching the boys dig, dig, dig!

In the meantime, Mommy has been hosting a garage sale with Umma and Big Papa. It was a big success and I never cried when my old toys were sold. I have been bouncing between houses and loving all the extra time with my grandparents.

Today, Mommy and I are going back to Ho-Ho Papa's to clean out the bedrooms with Grrma, while Daddy and Ho-Ho Papa assembly kitchen cabinets that we bought at IKEA last night. Mommy really likes to clean and organize. I think she might like it too much...I can't find all the toys I used to have!

Mommy is sorry there aren't pictures of the construction site to post. She is going to take care of that today...

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Anonymous said...

What a busy boy...Sounds like grandparents are lucky to have him!!