Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summertime fun!

Mommy is officially on summer break! We are looking forward to nine weeks at home as a family and each of us are fully commited to taking a nap every single day. The past school year was the most difficult and stressful one I have ever experienced so I am very ready for the break. And I think the boys are ready for me to be home too. Transitioning to summer doesn't just happen overnight, though. My cousin (a middle school English teacher) and I often explain it like this: Picture yourself aboard a high speed freight train which has been in motion non-stop for nine months. In a matter of minutes, the train slams to a stop and you fly off and come to a complete halt. You aren't really sure where you have landed and you aren't really sure how to continue without going full speed. Within a matter of days, you are moving again, at a much slower speed and before too long, you've forgotten just how fast you were going before you landed. But it does take some time (we estimate about a week) to brush that dirt off and figure out how to slow your life down. And it is at THAT point, summer vacation officially begins. By the way, she'll be slowing her life down in Hawaii this summer...think there is room her bag for us??

The good news is blogging should be back up to speed. With daily walks, working out, naps and yard work (and did I mention we are hoping to start building the addition this summer), this summer looks to be a full one.

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Joanne said...

Welcome back...I've missed you