Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Garage Sale or Ebay?

In our basement, there is a pile. If you recall, last summer we deep cleaned the basement to create a guest room. Over the past year, this pile has started to creep into the middle of the room, making our guest room uninhabitable (I am starting to suspect that this pile is the very reason people do not want to stay with us).
It is out of control.

In our loft, there is a pile. Over time, this pile has started to creep out from the walls, making movement/storage in the loft difficult. I admit that some things must stay; such as the Christmas decorations, camping gear and my camp "stuff". Oh, and I should probably keep the family china (nothing has been broken, Mom). However, this pile is also out of control and must be cleaned out before the remodel.

What is making these piles grow???
Hint: what could we have accumulated in the past two years since we moved into this house? If you answered baby crap gear, baby toys, or baby clothing, you would be correct!
Admittedly, I cannot bear to part with some of the baby clothing, baby blankets, or the high chair and bassinet. I do not know why I have this irrational need to keep these particular items. But keep them I will...for now. But the rest must go!!

So, the question, faithful readers, is a simple one:
Garage Sale or Ebay?


mnmommy said...

I say garage sale. Get rid of it in one fell swoop. It beats trying to make a whole bunch of individual arrangements for individual items. Anything that doesn't sell can go on ebay later.

Can I add my stuff to your pile?

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

You could always do a consignment store too.