Sunday, September 28, 2008

House plans!

This post has little to do with Alexander. It is exciting news we want to share with everyone and isn't that the purpose of the blog?

As most of you know, we can't buy a house without remodeling something. Eric and his father are very gifted when it comes to house "fix-it" stuff and have fantastic vision on how to make a space better. While our former home required an all-over do (over a ten year span), we didn't plan to do much to this house, other than a complete overhaul to the kitchen and cosmetic work here and there. All very well and good...until you add a baby to the equation. Despite the size of the home, there are only two rooms that function as bedrooms. Alexander's room is located on the main floor by the front door (not ideal, as you can imagine) and our room is above the living room, with half walls. Our bedroom is a fun, open floor concept loft/ playroom but not a very good bedroom on weekend mornings when one parent wants to sleep as the other plays with a baby down below.

So, with the project being bigger than originally anticipated, we've been in cahoots with an architect for almost a year and, this week, he sent us the final plans. If all goes well with gathering of permits and legal stuff, in the spring of '09, we will begin construction! Eventually when you pull up to the house, standing directly in front of you will be a 15oo sq ft addition that includes a two car garage, two additional bedrooms (one guest, one for Alexander) over the garage and a large, CLOSED OFF master bedroom in the back, with two GIGANTIC walk in closets off the master bath. I willingly gave up my jacuzzi tub to make one closet large enough for Eric to put his computer in so the guest room (Jodie's room) will actually be a functional guest room and not a messy computer room. Alexander and his friends will be able to hang out at one end of the house, with the living room, kitchen and the upstairs loft, and make all the noise they want, while Mom and Dad hibernate at the other end. The architect did an amazing job keeping the integrity of the open floor concept in tact and we're definitely pleased and exctied with the overall prorject. Thanks John!


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Cool! Maybe I'll be done with my construction woes by then and can commiserate with you on your's. :)

How exciting though!

mnmommy said...

Wonderful news Chelle! It sounds absolutely amazing. 1500 new square feet--Wow!

Liz said...