Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm a Big Boy Now!

No, we aren't potty training, even though Eric is convinced he can start the process this fall. Instead, we have a report from Alexander's doctor appt on Wednesday. Yes, this should have been done at 18 mos but I told you...we had a busy summer. Who wants to ruin all that fun by going to the doctor, right? This time, Papa and Daddy had the pleasure of the visit, including the last shot until Alexander turns 4. Hooray for no more icky needles! Our wonderful pediatrician has no big concerns, other than to encourage us to make an appointment once he turns two to see the allergist regarding peanut and possible dairy allergies. Since Alexander can identify several parts of his body, signs multiple words, gestures for what he can't sign, and does utter words when he wants, walks, runs, and climbs like a monkey, the pediatrician says he is right on track. His grandparents would say he's advanced but let's be realistic. He's a normal toddler who's doing his thing!

Alexander's 19 mos statistics (as recorded by the pediatrician's office):
Weight: 25lbs, 2oz. This puts him back in the 25th% and validates Eric feeding pancakes to the boy every morning.
Height: 33 in. Close to 75th%, presenting a tall, lanky kid.
Head circumference: Does this really matter? It's still attached.

Alexander has creatively turned his play kitchen into a car. We think it is more of a space ship but apparently, a 19 month old thinks differently than 36 year olds. Go figure.