Thursday, August 28, 2008

I wish I could truly state that I haven't posted much because there aren't many comments so I do not believe anyone is reading the blog. But that simply is not the truth. We have the best lurkers ever and we love them all. Truth be told, we're just really enjoying our summer together. And we don't stop to take as many pictures because, let's face, I'm not at work, checking the blog to find out what Alexander is doing every day. Now that school has started again, life will fall into a different routine, we'll readjust to the days, and posting will once again occur on a regular basis as Eric posts so I can "see" my boys every day.

UPDATE #1 - A Trip To The Ocean
Last week, we packed up Papa and Grandma's truck, hooked up the RV, and headed to the ocean for rest and relaxation (unfortunately, I had looming school issues weighing too much on my mind and I didn't take advantage of the rest and relaxation as I should have). Despite crummy weather, 4 adults and a toddler "roughed" it in a gorgeous 40' RV by playing poker, dranking wine and beer, eating plenty of food (we had enough food to last us a week!) and watched countless hours of Elmo on DVD. During the weather breaks, we drove to the ocean, where Alexander got his first taste (not literally, mind you) of a vast sandy landscape with the roar of the ocean around us. He loved it.

The little man is ready to go! Unfortunately, we didn't realize he was teething so we didn't get the meds in him early enough for a nap so day one started with no nap! OY!

Such great fashion sense! Mommy and Grandma

Everyone loves an indoor picnic!

On the second day, Alexander fell asleep in the truck just as we were driving back "home". Mommy stayed in the truck with him for over an hour while he slept. Turns out, he wasn't the only one who took a nap that afternooon.

Our First Trip to the Ocean as Family

Over the years, the ocean has always been a place we've escaped to for time to ourselves. As you can imagine, trips to the ocean now have new meaning for us.


Auntie Kim said...

As your (probably) biggest lurker I am very, very grateful for all your posts. I just love the little man!!!

Singer said...

SO excited to see a new post. I was assuming you were out playing for the summer but it is nice to see what he is up to! Thanks for the update!!

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Sounds like a super fun trip! I love the ocean.

mnmommy said...

I LOVE the photo of you three on the beach. A definite framer! Looking good, all of you.