Sunday, July 15, 2012

Garage Sale! Lemonade, Cookies, Cinammon Rolls!

On Friday and Saturday, we hosted a garage sale at Big Papa and Umma's house.  On Thursday afternoon, Mommy and Umma prepped the tables. We had these two tables set up inside the garage, and bigger items were out in the driveway.
This table is all kid toys from Alexander's playroom!
We have been storing toys in the basement for almost two years.
I was ready to have my basement back!
As the garage sale went on, Alexander and Lorelli worked hard at the lemonade stand. 
The workers had smiles on their faces for most of the day and were a lovely addition to our garage sale.
Not to mention, they made a ton of cash in donations (thanks Ho-Ho Papa!)
At the end of Day 1, Lorelli joined us for a sleepover.
They spent most of the night in this position. 
Tired little workers!

By the end of the weekend, what wasn't sold went off to Goodwill.
It was a very good weekend for all.  And now we have a little spending cash for our trip to Disneyland in February!

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