Friday, January 13, 2012

Basketball is so fun!

Alexander told us, out of the blue, that he wanted to play that game where *insert pantomime of dribbling of a basketball*. We inquired with Addie if she wanted to play and voila, the kids were signed up and Jeff was assigned as their coach. I thought I would have the chance to be the assistant coach but if you read this post, you know that's not an option.

So, I took advantage of the first practice to take a lot of pictures!
Best friends, ready to go!

"Take a knee team"

Alexander learned to dribble by playing Follow the Leader.
No surprise that he played the role of caboose. And never once dribbled.
He did a great job following the leader, though!

He learned how to shoot the ball.

Believe or not, he made the basket!

He listened to Coach Jeff.

Learned to play defense.

And figured out where to go during a practice game.

When we left the gym, Alexander exclaimed, "that was SO much fun, Mom!" I knew he was hooked when he practiced dribbling at home, in the dining room, for close to a half hour when we got home from practice. The only other time I've seen that level of excitement is after the first swim lesson.

His first game is Saturday. Eric promises to take a lot of pictures as I will be with Jo-Jo as she tries on wedding dresses.

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Schoolcraft Stuff said...

The shooting picture is my favorite. Deep squat.