Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And the conversations just keep getting better and better...

Alexander: "Mama, it's going to SNOW next week!"

Me: "It is? No way. Who told you that?"

Alexander: "Mrs. G. And she knows everything. She's a teacher, ya know."

Me (feeling a little put out at not being the hero of the story): "Well, I'm a teacher too so I must know a lot, right?"

Alexander: "Mama, you USED to be a teacher. Now you're the bad guy who puts kids in time out."

This conversation followed the one where he told me I couldn't coach his basketball team this season ...

Me: "Alexander, Jeff asked me to help the basketball team. What do you think about me coaching your team? Wouldn't that be fun?"

Alexander bursts into tears and yells, "NO! NO! NO!"

Me (in a state of shock): "Why not? Didn't you enjoy me coaching soccer? I was a PE teacher and I know how to play basketball. It would be so much fun."

Alexander: "NO! I don't want you to be a teacher or a coach. I just want you to be MY mommy and help ME! No one else should get you. Just be my mom and cheer for ME!"

Me: "Ok, ok, Buddy. I'll keep my mouth shut and watch."

Eric (from the other side of the house): "Like THAT'S going to happen..."

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