Saturday, September 24, 2011

We don't like losing.

See this little face?

This is last year's school picture. I'll explain the significance of this later in the post.

This little face HATES losing. Part of that comes from genetics since Eric and I are both competitive individuals. Part of it comes a little game we play all the time with Alexander to get him moving. Simply put, everything we do is a competition. Getting dressed. Putting on shoes. Brushing teeth.

You name it. We compete it out.

We weren't very surprised when Alexander announced after a game of Candyland last week, that he HATES TO LOSE.

Now this may be controversial for some but we aren't parents who let him win. At anything. We believe the world is full of winners and losers, that there will be people better than Alexander in certain things, and he has to learn how to lose graciously because it is good for him. The idea that everyone on a team should win a trophy is ridiculous to us. It doesn't work that way in the real world and it sure doesn't work that way in our house!

Anyhow, there is a competition at Alexander's preschool students bring in box tops and the student who brings the most in the class wins free school pictures.. Each boxtop is worth money to the school but let's be honest; we don't care near enough about the money piece as we do about winning the competition. The child's school pictures paid for by the school is another thing we don't really care about because we can afford the pictures.

We simply want to win.

Er...I mean, Alexander simply wants to win.

Last year, we were happy when best friend Addie won. This year, it's OUR turn.

This is what we've collected in the past year.

We think we need more!

If you want to help us out, we'd LOVE IT! All you have to do is look for products with a box top on it, buy it, cut the box top out, and send it to us! I promise to send you a thank you note and a school picture from the little guy. Contest ends October 14.

Thank you!

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