Saturday, September 10, 2011

How a 4 year old pulled a fast one

Friday morning, my mother-in-law sent an email to me at work, describing that mornings garage sale adventure with Alexander:

"There was a $5.00 train that Alexander wanted. We told him you do not have enough money. He got a little sad so I told him to negotiate with the lady. Well, he told her he only had $3.50 and then he started to walk away. She asked him, "are you a sweet boy?" He said, "yes, I am." She called him back and whispered in his little ear, "you can have it for free." After a huge hug and almost tears Alexander walked away, happy as can be.

A man at the garage sale watched the whole exchange. As Alexander walked away, he turned to him and said, "Alexander, you negotiate for me?"

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