Friday, July 8, 2011

Fourth of July Celebration

I know. I'm a few days late with an update. Our front door has been revolving with visitors and this is the first time I've had a chance to sit and look through pictures from the 4th of July. Every year, Eric has woken up Alexander to watch the neighborhood firework show from our living room. This year, Big Papa and Umma came over, the boys had their own mini-show in the yard, and we all watched the neighborhood show. Well, until about 10. That's when the grandparents left, I crawled into bed, and the boys kept watching the show.

We started out in the driveway with a few firecrackers and a sparkler or two.

At 4 1/2, the kid totally gets firework fun.

By this point, the fire pit was roaring so we moved to chairs and waited for the darkness to arrive...and played with a few more sparklers while we waited.

Finally, the sun set and show began! Eric lit what we had so we oo'd and ah'd up close.

And then the neighbors went nuts...for close to 3 hours! Snapping fireworks isn't very easy on the point and shoot camera but I tried. They had a huge display that was very entertaining. The best part about this show is the location - about six blocks away (and we didn't spend a dime to enjoy it)!

Alexander is already talking about next year's show!
Hope you had a happy and safe celebration this year!

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