Sunday, July 3, 2011

Auntie Kimi and a Bike Ride

Saturday was spent at Ho-Ho Papa and Umma's house. We helped them clear out their garage and clean off their deck by taking a HUGE load of crap stuff to the dump. While we were loading, Alexander and Ho-Ho Papa stayed inside and waited for Auntie Kimi to arrive. She was coming over after work. Since Uncle RJ and Lorelli were on their way to California, Alexander was very excited to have his auntie all to himself. And even though Ho-Ho Papa had a list of errands for the two of them to run, he was not budging until Auntie Kimi had arrived.

Oh, the excitement and joy when Auntie showed up!! They had to kick off their shoes and spin and spin and spin on Ho-Ho Papa's new lawn!
They fell down, got back up, laughed, and did it all over again!

Finally, they both got too dizzy so Alexander and Ho-Ho Papa left for their errands and we all got back to cleaning.

Now, let's talk about the bike ride. To do that, we have to back up a few hours. Alexander and Mommy went for a bike ride because Ho-Ho Papa's road is relatively flat but there are a couple of hills. Alexander likes to go fast. Can you see where this is going...?

Yup. One hill too many for a little man who forgot how to use the brakes. There was nothing I could do but chase him and hope he wouldn't run into the parked car, there would be no broken bones, and was thankful he was wearing a helmet. He landed forward onto his bike and then skid on the road so his hand and knee look about the same as his face. Talk about Mommy guilt. Especially when her crying little man told her he would never ride that bike again.

Oh, how quickly they forget.

By the time he and Ho-Ho Papa returned, he was ready to show off for Auntie. Except for the hills. He says he won't try that...until he is 5.

"Why do we fall down sir?"

"So we might learn to pick ourselves back up."

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