Thursday, November 5, 2009

It all balances out

Alexander was an early crawler (5mos) and walker (9mos). He was climbing his high chair before he turned a year old and even now, his large and fine motor skills are mind boggling. Logically, I know all kids are different. I know that all kids develop skills at different times. So, when a good friend reminded me that most kids end up on the same developmental track around the age of 3, I took a deep breath and celebrated his skills...while still holding his hand, as he walked backwards, on the balance beam at Little Gym.

But if you think moms don't compare kids; you're crazy. Of course we do. Totally natural. Naturally, when I would hear other kids Alexander's age talking in full on sentences...I would cringe. I knew he had other gifts but I wanted to hear, "I love you, Mama". Fortunately, while there were days when I worried about his lack of vocabulary, I never worried about communicating with my son. His use of sign language and minimal words allowed us to know what he wanted and helped us to avoid meltdowns.

Alexander's vocabulary exploded towards the end of summer. I don't mean a few, new words a day; I mean, full on, no doubt about it, this kid is talking explosion. And while there may not be complete sentences, and his favorite pronoun is "me" (which follows the verb, rather than proceeds it), we definitely enjoy engaging in conversation with our little man.

Favorite words:
"Kiki" = IKEA
"Li-Li" = Lorelli
"Ai-ex-za-n-o-p" = Alexander (we really didn't help him by giving such a long name)

Favorite Phrases:
"F-oe me" = Follow me
"Stop peeze" - Stop ticking me Daddy, I don't like it (which is immediately followed by "more dada")
"No Tank You"
"scuse me"
"Go Big Papa/Ho-Ho Papa, Umma Hou" (drops the "se" from house, for some reason)
"Wuv you, mama"
It does balance out.


Anonymous said...

no worries honey. when konley was 2 I took him to the doctor and he said he should have 10 words. he didn't. at 2 1/2 he should have had 50 he didnt. at 3 full blown, wouldn't know that there was ever a problem speech. it does all balance out. as long as those around him can understand his needs and wants there is no need for clarity until kindergarten. and that my dear is still a couple of years away. xoxo chell

Anonymous said...

In the few minutes I met him...i think he is perfect!

Check out my sisters blog.

You are the best. Tanks for checking in on me.