Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

If you remember last year (and the year before), Alexander was Mickey Mouse. We didn't go trick or treating. This was game on.

Alexander picked out his own costume. It should come as no surprise that he chose to be a train engineer. How freaking cute is this kid?

Our friends made us promise we would go trick or treating with them this year. So, we packed the car and headed out. Alexander was more than ready to start this adventure.

Their entire, extended family eats a huge dinner before hand (delicousness!), and when darkness arrives, glow-in-the-dark necklaces come out and the group hits the streets. I knew the time for Alexander to go trick or treating would come but I dreaded it, due to my hatred of this holiday. But like a good mom, I swallowed my hatred, grabbed my camera, and filled my mug with Baileys and Coffee, headed out to trick or treat.

The kids are ready to go!

Alexander's top 5 reasons why he likes Halloween.

1. He loved carrying a flashlight, along with his pumpkin bag. And only left his flashlight behind at two houses.

2. Instead of saying "trick or treat", he would pump his little arm, scream "WOOWOOO", and score extra loads of candy with this cuteness factor.

3. After candy was selected, he would run through the front yard to the next house. Why waste time running back to the sidewalk and up a driveway, when he could cut straight across and arrive before everyone else, right?

4. Knocking on the door meant someone would open it and give candy. So cool.

5. Filling the bucket and checking out the goodies is just as fun as running from house to house.

At the end of the night, I overheard Eric asking Alexander if he liked trick or treating.
"Yah, yah Dada! Yah, yah"

I might have to rethink how much I hate Halloween.

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Rachel said...

How cute is the picture of him with his little leg propped up!!? LOVE IT! :) Looks like he had a good time!