Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Project Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen remodel at Ho-Ho Papa and Grrma's is 90% complete. There are little jobs that remain like finishing the baseboards, cutting down and placing one cabinet cover, and figuring out what to do to cover the old pantry doors. After a month of take out meals, washing dishes in the bathroom sink, and countless trips to IKEA it's done (for the most part). Eric is pleased with the product. Ho-Ho Papa and Grrma are THRILLED with the product. And Alexander loved every minute that he spent with his grandparents. We suspect the feeling is mutual. It made me realize how lucky I am have a husband who is so talented with remodel projects, enjoys working in the yard, and is totally capable of fixing our cars. And does it all with a toddler under foot.
Eric, you did an amazing job and we are very proud of you!

Next project: Convincing Ho-Ho Papa and Grrma to retire and spend time, whipping up new, healthy recipes for us to enjoy!

Sink side
From start

to fi

Stove side
From start

to finish!


Anonymous said...

As Michelle said we are THRILLED with our new kitchen! Eric's planning and attention to detail shows in every inch of the new counter space, cabinet space, etc.
He and Michelle are a working team and have a "vision" that I don't of a final project. Including the beautiful color of steel blue paint on the walls.
How very lucky we are. Including all the time we had with our playmate to keep HO HO Papa and myself entertained.
Ron and Betsy we will have you to dinner soon for the additional advice you shared!
Thanks to you all.
Eric and Michelle YOU ROCK

Rachel said...

That looks gorgeous! You did an awesome job lady! :)

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

It looks beautiful! Good job guys!

Now, how's Eric with shower tile???

Heidi said...

Very nice... very nice indeed!