Monday, September 7, 2009

Dreams for the Future

This is one of my favorite pictures. Alexander is two months old and Eric captured us taking a late afternoon nap. Every time I look at it, I am taken back in time. Not only am I impressed with myself for being showered, but I am reminded of a time when I was lucky to be a stay at home mom, instead of being the working mom that I have become.

Nap times were always my favorite time of the day. Alexander would nap twice a day. During the morning nap, I would shower, clean the house, and blog. The afternoon naps were our time together. Oh, how I remember the sweet smell of a baby, curled up by my side. The soft whisper of sleepy sounds. The bundle of warmth that lulled me to sleep. Even if I woke before Alexander, I would lay still and whisper in his ear my dreams for his future.

This morning, Alexander and I were sitting on the couch, watching Cars. The perfect way to spend a rainy morning. Alexander does not sit still long enough to cuddle with anyone so at first, when I felt the little bundle of warmth at my side, I didn't clue in to what he was doing. Then, he crawled onto my lap, leaned his head on my shoulder...and sighed. Once I realized that he was actually going to stay put, with his head on my chest, I yelled called for Eric to grab the camera and snap the photo. Unlike the previous photo, I'm not showered. Catching this moment on film is much more important than my vanity...well, kinda...

I miss the baby who napped with me every day. Yet, that feeling drifts way when I think about who this baby has become - a fiercely independent, funny, happy, daring and fearless toddler.

I guess that is what being a parent is all about - you miss the baby you cuddled with, but you look forward to meeting the young boy/man that is inside the child. And hope that he always has time to sit down with his mom and share his dreams for the future...even if he can only sit for just a minute or two.


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

See also: Bittersweet.


Rachel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your family is beautiful! Can't wait to keep reading your posts :)

Anonymous said...

so this is exactly the way I have been feeling about Jack this week. I have had him to myself for 5 years. 4 weeks after he was born Konley atarted kindergarten. My heart is braking that he is gone all the time now. I want to snatch him up and run down the hallway with him and never let him go. Breaks my heart every morning that I get him up.
love you, chell