Monday, July 13, 2009

It's kinda like having a sister...

I am a lucky boy. I have three older cousins. Mary is seven and David is three and this summer, they moved to CA. For the first time, they are finally on the west coast and we hope to see more of them. In fact, they will be here next week so I will post more about them, later.

My cousin Lorelli is six. Lorelli stays with us a couple of days each summer and I LOVE IT. She and I have the bestest of times when we play together. And it gives Mommy a chance to feel like she has a little girl in the house. They went shopping, had lunch at Red Robin and watched High School Musical 3. They definitely have quality girl time together.

Playing side by side

Jump! Jump!

Reading first thing in the morning

Lorelli tells great stories

Maybe next year I will look into the camera, too.

During Lorelli's visit, along with three other adults, Mommy and Daddy took us, Cole, Addie, Delaney, Mason and Evan to the kids under the age of six. And if that wasn't enough, after the zoo, we invited Cole, Addie and Kieran over for a BBQ. Kieran is only seven months old but we let him play with us, too.

Waiting to walk into the zoo

Addie and Delaney

Cole and Mason

The Gang

Mommy and Me

At the zoo, they have this super cool climbing rock. I think Mommy and Daddy need to have one for our backyard because I totally loved it.

My climbing freaked Mommy out but she did a good job of staying calm.
Lorelli and Auntie Chelle

I'm not sure Daddy enjoyed our zoo adventure!


While Cole and Lorelli played...

Addie and I took a bath!
(we were filthy after digging in the dirt and playing in the pool!)

Kieran loved playing with Handy Manny tools

And the four of us played happily ever after!

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