Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home, Sweet R.V., Home

Earlier this week, we spent four days at the ocean with Big Papa and Umma in their R.V..This forty foot luxury home-on-wheels was quite comfortable for four adults and a toddler. Which was fortunate, because it rained for most of our trip so we spent quite a bit of quality time, sitting inside in style.

The ride to the ocean took about 4 hours but we had plenty to keep ourselves occupied. Umma read books, told stories, and when all else failed, thank God we had a portable DVD player.

Off we go!

Watching Handy Manny (again)

Umma insisted on a picture with this binky

With the weather being what it was, we tried to make it to the beach whenever there was a break in raindrops. Alexander enjoyed digging in the sand and building sand castles with Dad. I was able to get him to stomp in the surf one time; but then the surf came in and freaked him out. After that point, he would only venture to the edge of the ocean if someone was holding him. Luckily, there were plenty of washed up trees on the beach for goat-boy to climb with Big Papa.

Alexander sees the ocean!

And realizes it is really big. And really loud.

Couple of cute kids

Walk, walk, walk

A boy and his Papa

Alexander was unbelievably well behaved for a two year old, cooped up in a R.V. for four days. He watched movies with Big Papa, had a slumber party each night and slept in Big Papa and Umma's room, played poker with us each night, and counted the rocks he collected for Umma. By the end of the trip, he wore Umma out. But she says we'll do it all again next year.

Big Papa and Alexander, watching Bob the Builder

Umma's rocks

Everyone should own a portable DVD player. Seriously.

"I don't like being squished... I think I'll sit between you!"

Look how tired I made Umma!

Thanks for a great trip to the ocean!

Looking forward to next year!

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rbmunson said...

Michelle you did it again. Totally captured the essence of our trip. We are also looking forward to next year with our sweet boy and you two.

Love, Ooma & Big Papa