Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy lives

When one is lazy and overly tired from working too much behind on blogging, one decides to mish-mash as many events/pictures as one can into a blog post to appease the readers. Just like Alexander decided to "mish-mash" chili all over his face last week!

Life with Alexander:
The weather has been so nice that we spent the long weekend working outside in the yard. Unlike last year, we can actually finish jobs with a toddler underfoot, even if it takes a bit longer with toddler assistance. As an added bonus to the 3 day weekend, our neighbor rented a tractor for yard work and Alexander's level of excitement was through the roof. Three days with a tractor? A little boy's heaven.

Alexander loves to drink out of straws any chance he can. Drinking juice with Daddy is an added bonus!

Fish On! This one is a keeper!

Jodie stayed with us over Mother's Day weekend. Alexander spent the morning trying on her boots. And now, the kid is living in his green boots. I think he'd sleep in them if we allowed it.

Alexander (and Elmo) enjoy a new stroller (for those keeping count, we've owned 4 in 2 years!)

A ball player is born...and a mommy is proud.