Monday, May 11, 2009

And the winner is...

Auntie Melinda!!
She even sent her winning picture to Mommy at work because she knew Mommy would laugh out loud.

(picture proof, even if you can't read the 10,000 ~ it is there!)

Seeing my smiling face grin over the 10,000 post picture is perfect!

Mommy and Melinda have been best friends since they met in high school. Melinda was the cool, older girl who was willing to hang out with my dorky momma in her freshman year. She and Mommy have this weird connection and often finish each others thoughts and sentences before the other one has a chance. Mommy was the Maid of Honor for Melinda's wedding and Melinda threw Mommy a baby shower when she was pregnant with me. They have seen each other through the worst and best of times.

(Oct 2006 baby shower)

But the prize for this contest was a post about the winner and me. I met Melinda the day I was born.

She came to the hospital to visit Mommy, Daddy and me. Of course, I was the perfect angel on her visit and slept in her arms the entire time. She is a super fun playmate and I love when she comes over for a visit...even if she forgot to come to my second birthday party!!

And NOW...we can finally reveal that my auntie Melinda is going TO HAVE A BABY of her very own! Mommy has been DYING patiently waiting to announce this news on her blog. That's why Melinda sent the post to Mommy at work for laughs ~ she KNEW Mommy was just waiting for the perfect excuse to blab the news!! She is due November 7. Mommy is going to the BIG u/s later with Melinda this month to find out if we Melinda is welcoming a baby boy or girl into our lives.
Think Pink, People!

Pretty soon, you will be holding your very own baby, Auntie Melinda.
No one could have wanted this more for you than us...we love you!!

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