Friday, November 23, 2012

Joining our friends at Mar Don's

I was looking through the blog and realized I never posted this one from AUGUST!!
My, how we miss summer sunshine.

A few weeks ago, Alexander and I joined our friends for a few days vacation in Mar Don's.  It is a resort (use the term "resort" loosely) by Moses Lake.  If you don't know Washington State, think hottest-right-in-the-middle-of-the-state location.

Here was our view for most of the week. 
A beach.  A lake. 
A mom and her kid. 

With temps in the high 90's, we couldn't help but sit right next to the water.  Alexander was freaked out by the lake because of the seaweed.  I don't know why the seaweed freaked him out so much but man, he was NOT going in that water, unless he was on a floatie being pushed around by Mama.  And the fact that Mama does not like lakes didn't help.  Good thing Mama's can put their mind on an alternate universe if it means their kid is happy.  Or is that just me?

So, he spent the majority of his time, playing in the sand.
He barely stopped playing, long enough for me to take his photo.
"Come on, Mama.  I want to keep playing"

  He made a new friend.  JJ is Addie's cousin, is 6, and loved playing with Alexander and Addie.  The three of them got on famously and it made our hearts happy.
This trip was really good for Alexander because there were so many kids (ages 6mos - 20). 
Every morning, he and Addie would eat breakfast on the patio, chat in their weird Addie-Alexander language, and play on their iPads.

He mastered his scooter.
He went fishing for the first time.
While he didn't catch anything super big, Cole sure did!

Alexander will tell you his favorite activity was riding in the boat and intertubing!!
(he is the little one on the right of photos)
And yes, I was that THAT mom who had to take the first ride out to know what he was getting into...

 At least one of us enjoyed the ride.
Later in the day, Alexander took a ride with the big kids.

Since I'm that overprotective freaky mom, I was mostly concerned with him falling out of the tube or getting hurt.  I took one video of the group tubing.  If you keep a CLOSE eye on the little one on the right, you will see Alexander's happy feet going.  He did that the ENTIRE time he was on a tube! 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to film the impressive save he made a few minutes later.  He bounced up and out of his seat, feet above his head, came down on his head (chest), and he managed to grab the handle on the back of the tube, scramble back into his seat and yell "Faster, Jeffy!  Faster!" 
It really was impressive.  Scary...and impressive.

Before we knew it, we were packing up and heading home.
About 50 people attend this reunion so on the last day, everyone gathers and takes family photos on the beach.
Alexander and I decided to join their fun.  

Thank you, Addie and Cole, for including us in this adventure!
We had the best time!

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