Thursday, August 5, 2010

Can't keep the kid down for long!

Not even a cold, which had Alexander knocked flat a few days ago,

can keep him from his beloved trains for long!

Daddy has the cold now (complete with fever) so we've spent a lot of time quietly playing with trains so Daddy can try to sleep.

How many train sets can you count in this picture?

I had to add this last picture, simply because it makes me laugh out loud. It looks like a "Mom-made-me-take-this" super awkward type of photo to me.
You know you have one just like it!

Anyone else see a future where I'm showing this to my futur e daughter-in-law while Alexander sits, totally mortified and asking why I let him wear these pajamas?

Alexander, if the girl is right for you, she'll see exactly what I do.

Mark my words.

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